Resort in Florence

La Casa del Pozzo is a real resort in Florence where you can spend a holiday or a few days relaxing, staying in close contact with nature. Rising on the top of the hill overlooking the Mugello Valley and dating back to the Middle Ages, this house is the perfect place to live between history and nature, enjoying breathtaking landscapes, where the surrounding greenery, gently caressed by sunlight during the various phases of the day, takes on shades never seen before, giving you exciting and unforgettable shows. What are you waiting for? Book now your stay at Casa del Pozzo, a historic resort in Florence.

Cottage in Florence

If you are looking for a cottage in Florence to stay in during your trip, Casa del Pozzo is the right choice, ready to meet your needs.

This structure, characterized by an immense green space and a magnificent farmhouse, is equipped with all the comforts you need, guaranteeing you an impeccable stay.

The exterior is colorful and in excellent condition, while the interior, embellished with historic walls and a well-kept fireplace, is characterized by a warm and welcoming environment, in which it will become pleasant to spend a cold and rainy day. Choosing the Casa del Pozzo, cottage in Florence, you will have comfort and relaxation assured, enjoying indescribable landscapes. Do not hesitate to get in touch, you will receive all the answers you need.